Leasing Vines

How it works







You can lease vines from us. The average harvest from one vine is approx. 1,5 to 2 bottles of wine per year.  The minimum amount of vines you may lease is 12. This means you would receive about 24 bottles of wine annually.

Lease contract

The duration of the leasing contract is 3 years.  Every year the leaseholder receives an agreed amount of wine from the Domaine de la Dame vineyards. 

What we do

become a winegrower in france become a winegrower in france become a winegrower in france

Your vines from Domaine de la Dame are situated in the vineyards of   "Chateau Court-les-Mûts".  The vineyards are owned by the Sadoux family who have been producing wine for the past three generations. Our job is to take care of your vines, harvest the grapes and make the wine. The grapes are picked in September/October after which the wine making process begins. This takes about 10 months. You are of course welcome to come and visit during the harvesting or perhaps even help!


The wine is transported to the Netherlands in November. Every year we rent a storage place where your wine can be collected and, at the same time, a glass of wine from the domain can be enjoyed.


The annual leasing cost per vine is € 15,- (incl. French VAT). The annual cost for 12 vines would therefore be € 180,-. An invoice is sent at the start of a leasing contract. Additional costs (bottles, corks, labels, packaging, import duties, transportation) will be billed, at cost price, when the wine is collected. These costs can fluctuate but at the moment they are € 2,20 per bottle. 

Information throughout the year

About four times a year we will send you a newsletter, via email, accompanied with photos, so that you can see what is happening on the vineyards.

For more information about becoming a wine grower in France, please phone +33 (0)6 07 45 97 69 or contact us via email.

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